Systemwide ad blocker that uses the hosts file.

TBlock is an anti-corporate content blocker written in Python and licensed under GPLv3. It is maintained by a nonprofit community.

Feature highlights

Our tool is designed to be beginner-friendly, yet have some advanced options. Here's an overview of what you can expect from TBlock.

Systemwide protection

Blocks ads and trackers in your whole system, including web browsers and other apps.

Graphical interface

Can be used both as a set of command-line tools and as a graphical application.

Filter list registry

Comes with a huge filter list registry that allows users to easily subscribe to popular lists.

Automatic updates

Filter lists are updated automatically as soon as they reach their expiry date.


Supports most common filter list formats, such as Adblock Plus format, hosts file, and more.

Open Source

Software is published under GPLv3 license and its source code is available on Codeberg.

Why should I use an ad blocker?

Ad blocking is an essential tool in the fight against capitalism. Ads are annoying, damage the environment by pushing individuals to overconsumption, and have a negative impact on our mental health as well.

Of course, advertising is a source of income for many content creators. However, using this argument in order to manipulate people and to make them feel guilty about using an ad blocker is a neoliberal strategy that leaves no room for change. That's why we suggest that, if you really like a content creator, you make a donation to them instead of "turning off your ad blocker". That way, you can support them without consenting to surveillance capitalism and without selling your data to giant corporations.

That said, TBlock is a content blocker, which means that it can block a wide variety of websites, not only those related to advertising. It can also block trackers, malicious web pages, adult content, and a lot more. What you choose to block is up to you.

Because privacy is a human right.

We never collect any data about you and never will. It's as simple as that. However, keep in mind that TBlock downloads its blocklists from third-party servers that may track you during this process. If you report a bug, we will also need some additional information, but in that case you'll have to provide it to us all by yourself.

We need your help!

TBlock is developed by people like you, who are working hard on this project in their free time. Your contributions are always welcome, and even a simple feedback is still very much appreciated. It is also possible to make a financial contribution to help us cover domain name and servers costs.