Please note that Windows doesn't like ad blocking at a network level. It is therefore possible that you experience problems, such as slow boot time or delay before internet connection.

Install on Windows

TBlock can be used and installed on Windows.

Graphical installer

TBlock can also be installed on a Windows system by downloading its installer. The executable can be downloaded from our release page. Always remember to verify the signature!

With scoop

TBlock is easy to install on Windows, using the scoop package manager, which is the recommended method since it is the only one that allows you to update automatically. After installing scoop on your computer, you simply need to add TBlock's third-party repository (aka bucket):

scoop bucket add tblock

Then, install TBlock:

scoop install tblock


TBlock is often detected as a malware on Microsoft Windows. This is because its binaries are not signed. However, if you installed it with scoop or if you verified the signature, you should be safe. Also remember that TBlock is built with privacy and security in its core.

If TBlock is blocked by your anti-malware protection, don't forget to whitelist it. Since TBlock uses the hosts file, you also need to allow it to read and write C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. If you are worried and your anti-malware software says that you may be a victim of a hosts hijack attack, don't worry: TBlock checks the hash of the hosts file to detect such attacks. To view if your hosts file was modified by an external program that is not TBlock, you simply have to run:

tblock --status