Build from source

You can also choose to build TBlock from source. To do so, you need to ensure that the following packages are installed on your machine:

You have to download the latest source tarball and to extract it:

tar -xvf tblock-*.tar.gz

Next, enter the directory and build the package:

cd tblock && make

systemd version

To install the systemd version, run:

sudo make install

OpenRC version

To install the OpenRC version, run:

sudo make install-openrc

runit version

To install the runit version, run:

sudo make install-runit

dinit version

To install the dinit version, run:

sudo make install-dinit

Other init systems

TBlock currently does not support other init systems. If you want, you can write a system service and open a pull request to get it included in the project. It would be much appreciated.