Install with Python

The easiest way to install TBlock is to install it with Python. However, installing it that way is not recommended, as it does not install any configuration file, man pages, or unit file.

With pip

You can install it with Python, you need to run the pip command:

pip install tblock

However, since installing TBlock has local user can cause issues and because it is not recommended to run pip as root, this installation method is discouraged. We recommend to install it inside a virtual environment or to use pipx.

With pipx

Since it is not recommended to run pip as root, pipx might be the solution for you. After installing the pipx Python module, simply run:

pipx install tblock

This will install TBlock inside a virtual environment, but you will be able to run it in your normal shell.

Inside a virtual environment

Installing TBlock inside a virtual environment is a way to install TBlock with Python, but without having to run pip as root. First, let's create a virtual environment:

virtualenv tblock-venv

Now, let's load this environment:

source tblock-venv/bin/activate

Finally, install TBlock with pip:

pip install tblock