The project

TBlock is a content blocker that uses the hosts file (that is present in all operating systems) to block undesired websites. Not only does it block advertising, tracking and malicious internet domains, it can also be used to block access to adult websites on a family computer, to map hosts on a local area network (LAN) or to convert filter lists from a format into another. It is free software, which means that everyone can browse, edit, and redistribute it under the terms of the GPLv3 license.

Even though advertising is a stable source of income for some people, it pushes people to the overconsumption of products that they don't need in the first place. On the internet, this process is even worse since ads are targeted and based on our interests, on the websites we visit, the time we spend on them, etc. This is called surveillance capitalism. The personal data from people is sold, meaning that individuals become a product as such. Such a practice not only is dangerous, but it also damages the environment and has a huge impact on mental health.

Our values

We (as a project) stand against discriminations of any kind, and we actively reject contributions that are made by individuals who promote discriminatory ideologies. We support queer and BIPOC communities, as well as their rights. If that bothers you, don't use our software.

We oppose to big tech (such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook/Meta, Cloudflare, etc.), to surveillance capitalism, to DRM and to Web3, and to AI (such as ChatGPT, Copilot, Bard, etc.). We believe that privacy is a human right, and that copyleft licensing must be a standard in our fight against big tech corporations.